The admission procedure is simple at The Tercels. Parents interested in getting their children admitted have to follow three easy steps.

  • Get their children registered in The Tercels branch. The registration is done in the administrator’s office. Once registration is done parents are given the date for the admission test. Please remember that registration of a child does not guarantee admission. Parents would be asked to bring their kid for the written test provided that seats are available for that specific class in which they wish to get their child admitted.

  • Children are tested in English, Urdu, and Mathematics at the primary. Basic grammatical concepts are checked in English & Urdu and tests are designed for the level of the class in which a child seeks admission, unless it is at the beginning of the term. Then admission tests are of the level of the previous class.

  • After passing the admission test, parents collect admission form from the administrator’s office and submit the same along with the previous school’s leaving certificate (if applicable), four recent passport size photographs, original NIC of the parents/guardian have to be presented while a photocopy must be attached with the form, birth certificate or B Form of the child and school dues. School dues consist of admission fee, miscellaneous charges and one month tuition fee. Miscellaneous charges are paid half yearly but it is compulsory to pay at the time of admission as well.


In case of withdrawal from school, one month’s notice is to be given in writing otherwise one month fee is charged in lieu of notice. Transfer/withdrawal certificates are issued on payment of nominal charges.

Rules of Payment

Monthly tuition fee has to be paid on or before the 12th of every month. Thereafter, a late fee fine of Rs.10 per day till the 20th and Rs.20/- per day from the 21st till the time fee is not paid is charged. If fees have not been deposited by the end of the month, the student is considered withdrawn from school and can be re-admitted only once. Two months tuition fee is required to be paid in the following months:-

  • Dues of April and May are to be paid in April.
  • Dues of June and July are to be paid in May.
  • Dues of August along with the miscellaneous charges are to be paid in the month of June.

The Code of Conduct details The Tercels Schools policy about appropriate student behavior, as well as procedures for disciplinary action. The Code is designed to emphasize the importance of creating safe, welcoming school environment that supports student learning.

In addition to describing disciplinary steps that school administrators may take, the Code of Conduct also creates new policies designed to address certain types of disruptive text messaging and prevent bullying. Individual schools also adopt codes of conduct that students must follow.

Updated in June, 2015 with help from students and parents, The Tercels Code of Conduct emphasizes the importance of giving all students the opportunity to make academic progress by strengthening a tiered system of progressive discipline and student support.

The new revision gives students the opportunity to make academic progress during suspensions and expulsions and provides due process for students facing potential suspension or expulsion. The Tercels is committed to reexamining the Code of Conduct every few years.

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